Jesse Jiaxi Xu

(647) 861-5483

Mississauga, Ontario


Junior student at University of Toronto Mississauga pursuing a specialist in Computer Science. I’m passionate with app development, backend development and IT management.


  • Programming Languages

    Python, Java, C, JavaScript, C#

  • Frameworks

    • Python: Django, Numpy, Matplotlib, Tkinter, Pygame, Streamlit, OpenCV, OpenAI-Gymnasium, TensorFlow
    • Java: Swing, JavaFX, Android
    • Javascript: React, Express, WebRTC
    • C#: .NET Framework, wpf
  • Other Skills

    Linux, Docker, Git, Shell Scripting, project management, agile software development, debugging and unit testing, Cloud Development, Serverless Development, Network Configuration, Nginx configuration.


  • Event Planner powered by Reinforcement Learning (Sept 2023 - Present)

    A time table planner that finds the best way to plan future events with model trained by reinforcement learning. The project uses Python, Pygame and Gymnasium from OpenAI.

  • Invascan - Invasive Plants Scanner (Sept 2023 - Oct 2023)

    A web app that allows users to take picture of plants, identify the specie, and check if it’s invasive in the local area. The app uses React, MUI components, and Netlify for Serverless Deployment.

  • Signado - American Sign Language Translator (Apr 2023 - May 2023)

    A progressive web app that allows users to capture and translate ASL symbols in real-time. It’s developed with React, Tensorflow.js, MUI components, and Netlify for Serverless Deployment.

  • Various Projects for School (Sept 2021 - Present)

    Completed multiple projects, including multithreaded data processing applications, Linux kernel modules, and low-level socket chat server with C; batch file processing scripts with shell script; a Tetris and a Boggle game with JavaFX; Huffman tree file compression with Python.

  • OpenCV Image Processing (Apr 2021 - June 2021)

    An image processing application that can find the contour and lines on an image, and count the corners automatically. This project used OpenCV with Python, with streamlit for UI, and deployed on cloud servers with docker for online demo.

  • Student Behavior Management Android App (Oct 2019 - Apr 2021)

    An student behavior report and management Android app. Developed with Java and Android Jetpack.


University of Toronto

Honours Bachelor of Science

Expected graduation date 2025


(2023-05) Winner of Hackerthon DeerHacks 2023

(2021-11) Google IT Support Professional Certificate

(2021-09) University of Toronto Entrance Awards

(2020) TOEFL iBT English Proficiency Test - Score of 110